jc2B: Side Panel from Ancestral Shrine.

Ga'ay (Modang) Dayak. Berau region, East Kalimantan, Borneo Island, Indonesia.
Wood (Kayu Aru), shells (replaced). L: 87.5" (222.3 cm), H: 12" (30.5 cm).

Panel B: Has fours sets of guardian spirit figures, two in the classic “betel nut chewer” profile version and two in a rarer frontal version. All are facing right side up.
All four figures touch hands in a similar manner as Panel A, but in reverse. The left two figures display a complex version of entwined claw like fingers,
the middle two figures display a simpler version of entwined claw like fingers, and the right side figures display one hand gripping the wrist of the other figure’s arm.
There is the image of an abstract open mouth dragon motif, in low relief, under the arm of the center-left figure and the remains of another open mouth dragon motif,
in low relief, under the arms of the two right side figures.

The left side end of the panel, a few inches to the left of the last figure's head, had been cut off in situ and then re-attached in the USA.
The bottom right side of the panel was eroded in situ. A temporary and removeable replacement piece has been attached to continue the edge.

Published in "The Kayanic Tradition, Kayanic Dayak Art from Borneo. Volume I: Guardian Sculptures." Page 124. plate 41.

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