cj2: Ancestral Shrine Roof Finial.

Modang (Ga'ai) Dayak. East Kalimantan, Borneo Island, Indonesia.
Hard wood. L: 35" (89 cm), W: 11" (28 cm), H: 11" (28 cm). 18th to 19th century.
Ancestral shrine roof finial with mythical guardian dragon (Aso) in deconstructed form.
This style of abstract and often widly contorted Aso figure with a "cap" like structure on the head is typical of the
Modang Dayak (also identified as Ga'ai or Ga'ay) that inhabited the Berau District of East Kalimantan.
This section of the roof finial was likely once connected to cj1, but perhaps at the other end.

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