4060: Baby Carrier "Ba".

Kenyah Dayak. East Kalimatan or Sarawak State, Borneo Island, Indonesia or Malaysia.
Wood, rattan, barkcloth, glass beads, shells and teeth. H: 14.25" (36.2 cm), W: 15.5" (39.4 cm), D: 7" (17.8 cm).
Baby carrier with beaded panel ("Aban") depicting a full godly figure, with hornbill and dragon motifs.
The carrier is adorned with additional beads, shells and teeth, showing the wealth and status of the family.
The full godly figure was reserved for Kenyah Dayak families of the highest noble rank.
The bead panel motifs and adornments are meant to protect "the sacred bundle" from malevolent forces.
There are additonal dragon motifs drawn on the back barkcloth.
Rarely still attached is the small wooden seat on the back of the carrier.

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