jc3A: Side Panel from Ancestral Shrine.

Ga'ay (Modang) Dayak. Berau region, East Kalimantan, Borneo Island, Indonesia.
Wood (Kayu Aru), shells (replaced). L: 87.5" (222.3 cm), H: 12.5" (31.8 cm).

Panel A: Has four guardian spirit figures, of a type that I describe as the “betel nut chewer", shown in profile, with two right side up and two upside down.
The “betel nut chewer” description comes from the observation that this type of figure often appears to hold a wad in its cheek(s), resembling someone chewing betel nut.
The four figures reach out with muscular arms to touch the adjacent figure’s hands. The two figures on the right side display a complex version of entwined claw like fingers,
the two middle figures display a simpler version of entwined claw like fingers, and the left side figures display one hand gripping the wrist of the other figure’s arm.

The right side end of the panel, just to the right of the last figure's head, had been cut off in situ and then re-attached in the USA.
The slight mis-coloration in this area is overemphasized in the photo. It is more subdued in person and was on the panel prior to the restoration at that end.

Published in "The Kayanic Tradition, Kayanic Dayak Art from Borneo. Volume I: Guardian Sculptures." Page 124. plate 41.

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