2804: Ancestral Statue "Patong".

Ngaju Dayak. Probably from Tumbang Malahoi village area, Rongan River, South Kalimantan, Borneo Island, Indonesia.
Hardwood. H: 68" (173 cm). 18th to 19th century.
Rare realistically rendered sculpture representing an important ancestor, wearing traditional head gear and elaborate loincloth, with a tattoo motif on each thigh.
The double headed "Naga" tattoo found on this statue is identical to one photographed on a elder resident in Tumbang Malahoi circa 1950.
Two images of this tattoo are found on pages 58/59 in "Along the Rivers of Central Kalimantan", by Arnoud H. Klokke (images available on request).
The left arm, added separately, is missing and likely was carved to hold another object, perhaps a shield.
The right arm, carved from a natural branch on the original tree, is reaching upwards and likely held a spear or ritual object.

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